Message From President
Mr. Kenji Hasuwa
President & CEO
Obayashi Corporation
Message From President
Mr. Kenji Hasuwa
President & CEO
Obayashi Corporation

With technology, ensured by our over 120-year history and tradition, and earnest work, Obayashi Corporation of Japan has aspired to provide construction services both domestically and internationally.

Since its establishment in 1974 by Obayashi Corporation and four major shareholders, namely, Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, the Crown Property Bureau, and Metro Group, Thai Obayashi has built a widely respected name for itself through its long list of successful construction projects including those for Thai, Japanese and multi-national corporations. As of today, Thai Obayashi has unarguably established its position as a Thai construction company and is trying to expand the business sector not only in the construction but also in the real estate for the further development. We believe that Thai Obayashi is one of the most successful and important business units among the Obayashi Group.

Such splendid growth attributes to our longstanding effort towards human resource development through practical training in Japan every year and a newly opened training center in Thailand. Those trained staffs have made use of their experience and technology into their work. The synergy effect from an integrated unit of Thai Obayashi and Obayashi Corporation enables us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Furthermore, as a result of the continuous human resource development, Thai employees currently hold many managerially and technically important positions at Thai Obayashi.

We, Obayashi Corporation, are very proud that Thai Obayashi has grown together with the Thai society over 40 years. We believe further prosperity of Thai Obayashi and the Thai Society and pledge our continued and utmost support in all their endeavors.

  • Exercise true craftsmanship and employ superior technologies to make every space as valuable as it can be.
  • Show concern for the global environment and offer solutions to social challenges as a good corporate citizen.
  • Value everyone we come in contact with in our business.
1. Fulfill our social mission:
Provide high-quality buildings, infrastructure and services:
We earn the trust of customers by providing safe, secure, high-quality buildings, infrastructure and services, exercising true craftsmanship and employing innovative technologies
Foster an environmentally responsible society:
We foster a society that has a low carbon footprint, is committed to recycling, and has a deep respect for the natural world.
Value everyone of our associates:
We ensure the health and safety of all business partners and create a work environment where all of our associates can exercise their unique talents
Earn trust from suppliers:
We conduct fair transactions with suppliers and build strong relationships of trust that result in mutual growth.
Build good relationships with communities:
We respect the cultures and customs of each nation and region and build good relationships with communities as a good corporate citizen.
2. Ensure strict adherence to corporate ethics:
Comply with laws and regulations and proper business conduct:
We comply with laws and regulations and practice proper business conduct while striving to foster a strong awareness of ethics in each director and employee.
Promote fair and free competition:
We maintain and develop a sound market by promoting fair and free competition in accordance with antitrust laws and other relevant laws and regulations.
Maintain appropriate relationships with stakeholders:
We maintain appropriate relationships with all stakeholders, including politicians and government administrations, customers, shareholders, employees, business partners and communities.
Avoid all contact with antisocial forces:
We are resolute in avoiding any and all contact or transactions with antisocial forces such as organized crime groups that disrupt social order and public safety, making an exhaustive effort to avoid entering into any transaction.
Ensure appropriate information disclosure and transparency of management:
We ensure transparency of management and conduct appropriate and timely disclosure of corporate information to the public.