Brief History

Thai Obayashi was established in 1974 by Obayashi Corporation of Japan along with four major shareholders, Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, the Crown Property Bureau and Metro Group under the chairmanship of Sommai Hoontrakool. Thai Obayashi actually evolved from a small Obayashi Corporation's representative office in Bangkok, which was opened in 1964 for the supervision of the construction of AlA headquarters.

Since our founding, Thai Obayashi has aspired to be a pioneer in the Thai construction industry, with assistance from its parent company. Some of our earlier projects included laying of the first underground pipeline across the Chao Phraya river and the Bangkok Bank Silom Road headquarters, where we introduced the OWS foundation building technology in Thailand.

But to be a leader, unveiling of new construction technologies and methods is not enoungh and therefore since 1977, we have concentrated our energies on development of Thai human resources. Today, in fact Thai Obayashi can be called a Thai Construction company with many of our top management and engineering positions being held by locals.

Furthermore, to ensure our clients utmost satisfaction, Thai Obayashi is certified by the standard of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 for the Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety management system in Design as well as Building and Civil Construction.

Now, Thai Obayashi is also turning our attention to environmental protection and has adopted its global "Earth Friendly" policy. Our aim is to build in such a manner that creates perfect harmony between man and nature along with providing spaces and environments that will allow culture, economy and nature resources of Thailand to flourish so all can enjoy the best of the life for centuries to come.